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Estate Planning

Every adult needs estate planning! The only question is what type of plan is right for you. The goal is to protect whatever stuff you have for you during your lifetime and for those you love when you are no longer alive.

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A Will is a written document that sets forth your instructions telling the probate court who will get your stuff at your death and who you select (your Executor) to ensure your wishes are carried out. If you die without a Will, your stuff will be distributed to the people the State of Connecticut specifies.

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A trust is a contract between the Grantor (the person who creates the trust), the Trustee (one who controls the trust) and the beneficiaries (those entitled to benefit from the trust). You, as Grantor, determine how the trust will be operated by the Trustee and who benefits, how and when.

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Medicaid planning is taking the necessary steps now to ensure that if the need for long-term care should arise, you will qualify for Medicaid benefits to pay for it. Medicaid planning requires adherence to specific rules that if not followed precisely, can disqualify you from benefits for a significant period of time.

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Probate & Trust Admin

Many clients come into our office indicating they want to avoid probate. That is not always necessary but may be worth consideration. The reason? The probate process requires “heirs” to agree (by signing legal papers) the will is that of the deceased person and consent to the executor being appointed.

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Special Needs

Special Needs Planning involves the careful planning for your loved ones who may have physical or mental impairments that impact their ability to provide for themselves. The question may people have is how do they leave some or all of their stuff to a family member when that family member is not capable of managing finances.

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