Meet Attorney George A. Baker

George graduated from Western New England University School of Law in 1989 and is the founder of Baker Estate Planning Law, LLC located in Glastonbury, Connecticut. George has practiced law since 1989 and has worked in both small and mid-size law firms in the Hartford region. George proudly served as the Tolland Probate Judge from 1995-1999. He served as Vice-Chair of the Tolland Town Council in Tolland, Connecticut.

Having served as Tolland Probate Judge, and throughout his years of experience representing clients in Connecticut Probate Court proceedings, George has witnessed the devastating emotional and financial hardships inflicted upon individuals and their loved ones when someone fails to create an estate plan.  George wants everyone to avoid these humiliating and costly hardships, and he has made it his mission to educate the public on “the good, the bad and the ugly” of the Connecticut Probate Court system and provide guidance on how to properly establish and maintain a comprehensive estate plan that avoids the hardships of the Connecticut Probate Court system.

During the majority of his career George has focused his practice in the areas of Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate Administration.  George is a member of Lawyers with Purpose, which is a national organization of Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys that provides ongoing training, education and support to its members.

George teaches as an Adjunct Professor in the paralegal program at Manchester Community College where he teaches a course on Probate Practice and Estate Administration.  Additionally, he conducts workshops and educational seminars on various topics including Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Medicaid and Probate Administration to the general public and professional groups throughout Connecticut.

George currently resides in Vernon, Connecticut.  He has two daughters- Emily and Jessica who both attend college.

Meet Attorney George Baker